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Reiki, spiritually-guided life force energy, is not exclusively channeled to humans and pets; Reiki can be channeled to inanimate objects to create protection, cleanse, and enhance your goals and intentions. The list of ways to incorporate this energy healing modality is endless but here are 17 object types you can infuse with Reiki Energy to support you Spiritual Life.

Water, Candles & Crystals


Dr. Masaru Emoto presented that water transforms with energy. As we think, speak and act, the water shifts microscopically. He notes that when water is exposed to pure speech, thoughts, and intentions, the crystalline structure of water changes as it freezes. Considering that our body is comprised more than 70% of water, we can find harmony quickly with Reiki infused water. Hover your hands around a glass or bottle of water, allow Reiki to flow. Use the Cho Ku Rei or Sei He Ki mantras if you’ve been attuned to them.


Reiki-infused candles are a special way to elevate the energy of a space. As the candle burns, it will raise the vibration of your home or office, making way for you to feel held and supported. Simply hold the candle (preferably soy-based) while it’s not lit in meditation, with the intention to give Reiki.


Crystals absorb, store, and generate energy which makes them highly suitable for Reiki healings. Hold a crystal that you connect with, set the intention to receive the energy that you need for the day, and allow Reiki to program the crystal. Carry that stone with you for the day and notice it’s effects on your energy field. At the end of the day, look up the meaning of the stone and see if it resonates with your observations.

Vision Boards & Journals


After receiving your Reiki attunement, you can send Reiki to your wishes by writing them down in a journal or creating a vision board. You can also use Hon Sha Zen Sho Nen symbol to connect with your vision and dreams. This ritual helps to set clear intentions and attract what we desire.

Skincare Products, Essential Oils & Bath Salts


Reiki-infused serums, moisturizers, and face washes are increasingly available for purchase, but you can offer your own healing touch. The next time you slather a face mask or use a Gua Sha, allow Reiki to flow through your fingers. Affirm that your beauty comes from within.


Essential oils are incredibly high in vibration and offer healing properties. However, by infusing them with Reiki, and then diffusing the oil, you can lift the vibration of a space quickly. You can also immerse an aromatherapy spray with Reiki and then spray yourself for empathic protection.


Epsom and Himalayan salt are two powerful energy cleansers. They absorb and neutralize the noise in our aura. However, when we infuse them with Reiki, this effect is amplified. Soaking in a Reiki-infused bath with Epsom and Himalayan Salt is key to energetic hygiene.

Electronics & Vehicles


If you’re skeptical about Reiki fixing your technology, consider that even seemingly solid matter consists of moving atoms. Your energy can move these atoms to create balance and harmony. When you’re ready to surrender to lifeforce, take a few deep breaths, and hover your palms over your phone, computer or printer. Call in a presence greater than you. Notice the flow that you create when you step out of your own way.


Reiki is a protective energy that can block, transmute, or release low vibrations. You may visualize white or golden energy around your car, plane, or train. Welcome the presence of your Reiki Masters and Source. Doing so will not only strengthen the vehicle’s energy field and also help the passengers feel safe and at ease.

Your Home

10. HOME

Sit in meditation with your palms facing away from your chest. Visualize your home and begin to share Reiki energy. With your practice, you can create protection around your home, and keep negative energy away. This also helps to heal relationship dynamics within the home, and the energy of people who lived on your land before you.

11. BED

Elevate the space in which you rest and restore. Spend 2 minutes before bedtime to put your hands on your mattress and pillow, and intend to create a peaceful sanctuary. It’s essential that we clear our space, especially when we’re spending numerous hours in it.


We create an uplifting space by sending Reiki to a room or altar. Add an energy healing component at the end of your next clean-up, and visualize that space in pure light. Allow the energy of others to leave your sacred space.

Wallet, Laundry & Jewelry


Our belongings take on the energy of our thoughts, actions and behaviors. If we’ve been resentful while making payments, or feel scarcity, we create blockages and stagnation around money, and credit cards. Call in abundance by channeling Reiki and feelings of gratitude into your wallet. Commit to this practice for 40 days to see your relationship with money evolve.


The next time that you are folding your laundry away, consciously open your palm chakras to share Reiki. By infusing your seemingly minor belongings with energy, you will begin to feel more supported and aligned. This is also a great way to share Reiki with your family members if they are open to it.


Reiki-infused jewelry is an easy way to receive healing whenever you need it. After programming a piece of jewelry with Reiki, wear it daily or as needed. For best results, cleanse your jewelry by giving it Reiki for 3-5 minutes every day.

Food, Supplements & Medication


By offering Reiki for as little as 1-2 minutes, you can increase the vibration of your food. This supports your body in breaking down food, and in absorbing nutrients. It’s also an inspiring opportunity to connect with your food and offer gratitude for it’s sacrifice. This practice can lead us to intuitive eating, or listening to what our body needs.


Infusing your supplements and medications with Reiki is key to bringing the lifeforce back into them after they’ve been processed. Listen to the plants, animals, and elements that you’re consuming. Ask if they have a message for you. How do they want to support you?

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