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Fig Leaf Yoga & Fitness

Mind-Body, Whole-Body Health. Science is showing more and more the power of the Mind-Body Connection; That the mind creates trauma in the body and what we put in our body effects the mind. At FigLeaf.Fit we look at the body as a whole, when you come to yoga class you also work on building confidence, when you train you learn how your giving and receiving energies and other daily habits affect your imbalances, and when you participate in coaching we don't just do nutrition but also budgeting finances and calories; relationships and fitness; career and limiting mindsets. We have book studies, yoga and fitness classes for all ages and gestation. We hope to Inspire the Greatest version of you.

FIG = For Inspiring Greatness. 

Owner, Founder, Program Coordinator

Elizabeth "Izzy" Nalley

(more coming soon)


Izzy Nalley, Yoga Therapist and Holistic Personal Trainer Specializing in Corrective Alignment of Body, Mind & Spirit. 

Yoga Therapy applies Physical Therapy, Psychology and Yoga Philosophy using the body, breathing techniques, the chakra system, meditation & more.

With over 2000 hours of yoga instruction, and 1000 hours of yoga studies. Personal Training and Corrective Alignment Certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine and Nutrition Certification from Precision Nutrition.


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Yoga Therapist

Prenatal Yoga Teacher 

Mini Me Yoga Ambassador

Kids Yoga Teacher

Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification

Emerging Adult Meditation Specialist

Experienced Yoga Teacher, 2008

Exercise Science Degree, Public Health

Personal Trainer, Corrective Alignment

Nutrition Certification

Wellness Coach, Habit Formation

Silver Sneakers Instructor

Holistic Health Educator

Reiki Master, Energy Healing

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