"Izzy is an intuitive & natural meditation teacher, she breaks down the complexities while empowering the student"

- Oxford Institute of Mindfulness

"She has a spiritual awareness that seems to pollinate joy"

-Janice Carter Levitch, The Voice Tribune

Polish the Mind is a resource for meditation and understanding the mind in an effort to empower the individual and build resilience. Offering meditation classes, courses, certification and downloadable recordings. 

Through hypnosis, a form of meditation we can rewire the subconscious thinking faster than other meditation paths. Although this should not be a substitute for a meditation practice; hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be a valueable support, acceleration for self growth and even be a start to a person's meditation practice. 

Polish the mind teaches many meditation styles that focus on the inner workings of the mind, body and psychology that do not interfere with religious beliefs. Students often comment that mediation enhances their spiritual practices and they can customize the meditations easily to fit their religious views. 


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Louisville, Ky

IzzyNalley@gmail.com |  Tel: 502-694-2363


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